A large health care organization in the Northeastern U.S. needed to migrate a sizeable portion of their medical images from its aging Centera to their new Isilon storage array. Given Datagr8’s vast experience with Centera migrations and our previous engagement history with various heath care customers, the firm engaged us to tackle the project.

During initial planning, our migration team analyzed the existing Centera and determined that the pool to be migrated was storing approximately 40 million objects, or approximately 24TB of Used Capacity and 9.8Million C-clips.

Working closely with the customer team, we developed an aggressive timeline for the project that not only met the organization’s project goals, but also projected migration completion in less than two weeks compared with the application vendor’s estimate of 10 months.

Due to the overall complexity of the migration, our team also:

Collaborated with the application vendor to define and verify the new file path mapping to replace the C-clips.
Worked with the customer application owners and the vendor to update the application database.
Converted protocols from CAS C-clips to file share format.
After using our DobiMiner solution to complete the migration to Isilon, the organization had full access to the medical images at a greatly reduced cost compared to their Centera use. In addition, the Isilon arrays help to support the customer’s various IT needs, including file shares and archiving projects.