Our customer needed to migrate from Centera Gen4 clusters to Gen4LP before the Gen4 EOSL date of February 2013 to ensure continued support from EMC.

With 1.3PB of data and 13 billion files, this was going to be no mean feat.

The migration is currently underway and Datagr8 expects to complete it in just 6 months.

Our customer wanted to take advantage of the significant space and power savings that the Gen4LP clusters bring. The customer was able to reduce the number of floor tiles from 22 down to just eight, move from 12 clusters down to just two, and consolidate them into just two data centers instead of four. This represented a significant saving in power, maintenance, and management for the customer.

But the first question they asked when considering the purchase of the new Centera systems was “how do we move all that data without causing disruption to the end-users and the migration taking years”. Given the use of these Centera systems in critical applications, the customer made it clear that any disruption to the users of these systems would result in significant bad press on Wall Street.

With the help of Datagr8, EMC was able to offer the customer the best-in-class migration solution that is ensuring the migration runs smoothly, on time, and with absolutely no distribution to the Centera users.

After spending a week onsite to setup the Centera migration, Datagr8’s support staff monitor the progress remotely and on a daily basis using DobiMiner’s Email- home functionality enabling them to proactively respond to any issues.

If issues are detected they are either fixed by Datagr8 staff, escalated to EMC, or to the customer’s data center management immediately and a resolution found quickly and efficiently. A weekly status meeting is held between the customer, EMC, and Datagr8 staff to ensure good communication, issue resolution, and active risk management.

Once the initial migration is complete, DobiMiner automatically reiterates over the clusters to discover and migrate any new ingest since the migration started. In the case of this customer, that is a 35% increase on the initial migration estimates. DobiMiner keeps iterating until the customer is ready to switch over the applications to the new clusters.

This customer’s “mission critical” data is being transferred at lightning rates, completely transparent to the end users, and virtually transparent to the application owners.

With the services of Datagr8 and our unique DobiMiner software suite, EMC is able to help the customer get to the expected savings as quickly as possible.