A Finnish multinational was looking for a way to protect itself from data loss due to human errors. DobiMiner provided the correct fit for their requirements.

When setting up a replication environment, companies have two options when it comes to the Centera ‘Replication of Deletes’ functionality:

  • Propagate deletes to the replica cluster with the risk of causing data loss due to human error (accidental deletion on the main cluster) or
  • Not propagate deletes with the risk of having out of sync environments.
  • Our customer wanted to avoid accidental deletes but at the same time ensure that clusters stay in sync and that the capacity on the replica cluster does not increase unnecessarily.

    DobiMiner enabled our customer to manage the propagation of deletes from the Main cluster to the Replica site. Our customer did not enable the Centera ‘Replication of Deletes’ and instead used DobiMiner to check the replicated cluster every six months.
    If, within that period it has become clear that data has been deleted accidently, then our customer restores it from the replica site using the DobiMiner Restore functionality.

    Once it is clear that all deletes were intentional, our customer uses the DobiMiner Delete functionally to remove the data permanently from the replica site freeing up valuable space.

    DobiMiner allows our customer to have an application independent control over when they sync their replicated environment for information that has been deleted ensuring that not only are they covered for major disasters but also for human error.