A large German bank wanted to charge each individual Centera user based on their real capacity consumption. The Centera users have personal shares (folders) and our customer wanted to charge each user for the amount they stored in their specific share.

Using DobiMiner, our customer could quickly and easily build chargeback reports based on individual shares with very low management overhead.
The applications used by our customer (and others such as Documentum, Sensage, Centera Universal Archive, and StorFirst EAS) have utilized the rich Centera metadata model to store extra information about the data stored such as who created documents, the location where these documents have been stored, how long these document should be kept available and so on.

Using DobiMiner to tap into this metadata to find out which documents belong to which share, our customer could quickly tell exactly:

  • How many documents reside in a specific share
  • How much capacity these documents consume
  • Which documents have expired and how much capacity they represent
  • Which documents will expire when
  • Without DobiMiner, setting up such a report for a few hundred shares would be time consuming and expensive and would require continual updating as shares were added and deleted.

    But our customer was able to setup a chargeback report based on thousands of shares within minutes. Using a simple query interface, DobiMiner enabled our customer to automatically pattern match specific information in billions of Centera metadata files to automatically find all shares on the Centera clusters dispersed over different geographical locations. And additions or removals of shares are taken care of automatically, without any administrative involvement.

    Once the reports are created, DobiMiner’s simple exporting functionality allows our customer to export all the necessary data for use in an external billing application that matches consumption with costs and cost centers and makes the final chargeback report.

    Setting up personalized chargeback with DobiMiner was easy, powerful & accurate for our customer. Whether on a small environment hosting one hundred thousand documents or a global environment with Petabytes of data and billions of documents, DobiMiner Chargeback is the ultimate solution for Centera chargeback and usage reports.