A large German bank wanted to migrate a sub-set of data from its Centera clusters. Using other migration tools, the job would have been very difficult and expensive. With DobiMiner, our customer was able to quickly and accurately identify which data to migrate and then carry out the migration rapidly.

Our customer wanted to migrate data written to the Centera by specific applications. Using DobiMiner, we were able to do this by:

  • Mining all the metadata from the source pools.
  • Importing the C-Clip lists, obtained from the various applications, which contained the exact list of data that needed to be migrated.
  • Comparing these application C-Clip lists with the data mined from the source pools to identify exactly which data (the data known by the application) needed to be migrated.
  • Migrating the identified information to the new target pool on the new Centera.
  • Validating the migrated data by comparing it with the data in the source pools and also by comparing it with the application C-Clip lists.
  • Switching over the application to the new target pool.
  • This approach gave our customer the following benefits over other migration tools:

  • Migration of only the data that was still relevant to their applications.
  • High speed migration (approximately three times faster than other tools).
  • Migration that ran concurrent with ingest so that there was no disruption to the business.
  • A solid validation process that cross-checked not only with the original source data but also with the C-Clip lists known by the applications.
  • With DobiMiner, our customer was able to accurately identify the necessary data to migrate, rapidly and securely migrate the data, and ensure that they retained the necessary reporting for future auditing.