A large German ISP was running some very old Centera clusters and needed to migrate the data off them urgently. Because the hardware was so old and had long since passed it support period, many disks had failed and many nodes were bouncing (going on and offline) and so initial predictions were 95% data loss for this cluster.

Using both the source and replica clusters, Datadobi retrieved more than 99.6% of the data.

DobiMiner’s unique architecture continuously attempts to migrate data even if the data was previously reported as unavailable. As nodes come back online, DobiMiner automatically queries the Centera again and again for the missing data finding more data on each iteration.

Daily reports are sent to all parties and once DobiMiner ceases to find more data on the systems, the applications will be switched over and the data on the old systems deleted and removed.

Through DobiMiner’s unique migration solution and Datadobi’s world-class Centera expertise, our customer was able to recover much more data than they had ever expected.

A very happy scenario for both the customer and EMC