What do you do as a global bank when you need to charge internal customers for their use of Centera space, and the charge back is based on a per share basis … for over 50,000 shares worldwide? You use DobiMiner!

DobiMiner is specifically designed to handle large amounts of data, even when spread over millions of files, tens of thousands of customers and many countries, and reporting this data without a single failure. This is why this bank has called on Datagr8 to handle the job of charging back the storage costs on an individual user basis.

The reports need to run on 18 clusters, in 5 countries, for over 50,000 employees, and on 1 petabyte of data, with just one single DobiMiner instance. In addition to tracking usage, the bank also wanted to inform the individual users when files were past their retention period so the user could delete the files, helping the company stay out of legal trouble and save storage space.

After a successful proof of concept lasting just a week, the bank was convinced that DobiMiner was the solution to their gigantic challenge.