A large healthcare institution used to create trending reports on the medical data stored on a Centera manually. A very time-consuming task, which needed to be performed regularly for management reporting. Now, using DobiMiner, this report is created fully automatically saving the customer significant administration overhead.

“Creating trending reports on archiving platforms which contain almost 200 terabytes of data can be a very tedious and time-consuming task”, remarks Michael Jack, VP of Sales for Datagr8, “Now this job is taken care of by DobiMiner in just minutes, on a daily basis, and without any manual intervention required.”

Using DobiMiner, the healthcare institution’s storage department literally gains hours per day that they can spend on projects with more added-value. In addition to that, DobiMiner also allows them to monitor their disaster recovery setup on a daily basis, which leads to a higher confidence in the overall storage platform’s health.