One of the most difficult challenges for today’s CIOs is to increase the IT organization’s ability to respond to new business requirements while continuing to reduce costs. Having an effective and balanced technology refresh policy can help guide IT through the analysis needed to balance the trade-offs between capital spending, operating efficiency, and risk mitigation.

Marshalls, a UK-based global landscaping firm, was committed to a 5-year technology refresh model for its data storage infrastructure. The plan called for a refreshing of their EMC portfolio, which included EMC Centera as the hub for the retention of their business critical email archival and document imaging.

To plan and implement the upgrade to the latest Centera Gen4LP clusters and the accompanying data migration, Marshalls engaged Reciprocal, one of Datagr8’s strategic partners. Reciprocal uses our DobiMiner software for all data migrations because of its speed, transparency, and overall reliability.

Reciprocal kicked off the Centera portion of the refresh initiative by auditing the existing Centera cluster data and performing a data health assessment. The team then made comparisons across the cluster to identify whether they needed to perform any data housekeeping tasks prior to the migration.

Upon completion of the assessment and ensuring everything was in order, the team began the migration of 22 million data clips from the existing Centera cluster to the new Centera cluster. DobiMiner’s closed-loop migration process ensured that only the appropriate data was migrated to the new Centera clusters. The team was kept abreast of all migration activity through DobiMiner’s real-time updates and email-based reports. Once the migration was concluded, the team verified the data again for consistency on the new Centera cluster, embracing the Marshalls’ “belt and braces” ethos.

Marshalls were extremely pleased with the entire migration process. José Chacoris, Marshalls’ IS systems manager stated, “Reciprocal has proven to be most efficient in completing the aforementioned scope of work for which they were contracted. The Centera migration was seamless and completed within the agreed time frame. Reciprocal’s technical resource had in-depth knowledge of the Centera, kept Marshalls up to date with clear progress reports, and dovetailed well with Marshalls’ technical team. The DobiMiner software was responsible for the Centera data analysis prior to migration and subsequent seamless data migration of 22 million data clips.”