A multinational bank wanted to be able to distribute the storage costs, across the different applications that use their Centera environment, in a consistent and uniform way.

In many companies, there is a one-to-one mapping between the application and the pool the application is storing its information in (i.e. pool based reporting). However, our customer required more granular reporting that was simple and quick to setup using DobiMiner.
Our customer has approximately 10 applications writing to the same pool, which makes segregating data belonging to each application using pool-based reporting impossible. They also wanted to go beyond the application level and report on the amount of data stored for more than 2000 business units.

Using DobiMiner’s flexible filtering and pattern matching, our customer was able to automatically extract all the necessary information from the Centera metadata and quickly generate the list of business units that were using the Centera.

They then combined this with a number of other criteria (such as application, location, and profile) to create a comprehensive and accurate report across a one Petabyte environment that is updated daily. This report is then exported as a CSV file for further processing and cost accounting.

The report, which took 10 minutes to define, will also automatically pick up any new business units that are added to the Centera, saving our customer substantial future administration overhead.

With DobiMiner, our customer was able to setup a granular chargeback report, based on a number of criteria, quickly and easily and that provides accurate information not only now but which automatically updates for future changes.