A US supermarket chain needed to retire their tape back-up and expand their Centera systems. At the same time, they needed to upgrade their existing single Centera cluster and migrate the data to a new replicated system.

The customer was using CBRM to back-up to tape but CBRM was EOL as was their existing Gen4 Centera. Now faced with an inevitable upgrade, EMC turned to Datadobi to carry out the Centera migration in the least disruptive and fastest manner. The customer needed to migrate 227 million C-Clips and 228 million blobs in a total of just 12TB which meant a large amount of small files that are the bane of most migration tools.

Datadobi migrated this customer’s data in just 31 days with no distrubtion to the end-user.

Because of DobiMiner’s scheduling functionality, we were able to ensure that the load put on the existing system during working hours was minimal causing no disruption to business but maximize the out-of-hours schedule to crank the migration to maximum.

Once the migration was started, status reports were sent automatically to the customer, EMC program management, and Datatdobi support staff enabling remote monitoring and transparent communication between all parties. The status reports were reviewed in the weekly status meetings.

After just 31 days, the migration was complete and the customer switched over the applications to the new clusters with no disruption to the end-users.

This quote from the IT Director of the customer says it all:

“My compliments to EMC, your efforts in this regards are much appreciated.
Great job, very smooth transition.”