Large Healthcare Company Trusts Datagr8 to Migrate Data Under Significant Time Constraints.

One of the largest non-profit health care systems in the New York Metropolian and New Jersey area was faced with a technology transition challenge that needed to be addressed immediately. This healthcare company provides its patients with many online conveniences, making it easier for patients to get in touch with their doctor, request appointments, request labs, pay bills, and have access to their medical records. They reduce the barriers to patient-to-doctor collaboration and enhance care efficiency, ensuring that patient data is always up to date and accessible to patients and their health care professionals.

Tens of thousands of patients and the entire medical team at this health care system rely on the convenience and accessibility of medical records. They needed to ensure that this information is always available, up-to-date and accurate, relying on many applications to ensure a transparent view of the entire medical landscape. They utilize ChartMaxx as its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to provide its patients with 24/7 concurrent access to their complete medical records. This healthcare provider also trusts many other applications, including MOSAIQ (radiation oncology, particle therapy and medical oncology) and CVIS (Cardiovascular Information Systems) to maintain critical patient data.

They stored many of these indispensable applications on an EMC® Centera® that was quickly nearing capacity. They were faced with a mission-critical situation, as the Centera was just two weeks away from nearing this capacity. Their IT group needed to find a solution to migrate the data—20+ Terabytes—quickly and accurately. The IT team needed to find an immediate solution that would migrate the data in days, not in ten months as was quoted by another solution provider.

The healthcare company turned to its trusted technology partner, EMC, to provide a solution that would accurately and rapidly migrate the data from the near-capacity Centera to a new Centera. EMC enlisted the assistance and powerful functionality of DobiMiner software to migrate the data from one storage platform to another.

After DobiMiner was deployed, the estimated time to migrate the data was 12 days. This was before the Centera was expected to reach capacity and well in advance of the competitor’s estimate of ten months! In just 10 days, the migration was completed accurately and seamlessly.

“I was a completely impressed with this migration process. The support that the EMC and Datagr8 teams provided was above and beyond. We encountered a restriction with our ChartMaxx application since the file names were too long to migrate with the software,” said the Systems Analyst IV Infrastructure Engineering at the healthcare company. “This could have been a huge obstacle in our migration, but the DobiMiner software is flexible and the Datagr8 quickly adapted the software for our specific business needs.”

The healthcare company was able to migrate its mission-critical data quickly, accurately, and without any disruption. The migration was done in less than two weeks and the entire process was completely transparent to the health care providers within the healthcare company and all of their patients.