A UK-based manufacturing company needed to migrate data to a new Centera cluster but they were not sure if the production and replication systems were in sync and they did not know the retention policies on the data although these needed to be setup on the new cluster.

The customer is using two applications to write to the Centera: OnBase and Enterprise Vault. Approximately 3TB of data were written to each cluster.

Using DobiMiner, our partner Reciprocal were able to:

  • Ensure that the production and replica clusters were in sync
  • Understand the retention policies on the existing data to be able to duplicate the same policies on the migrated data
  • Migrate the data to the new clusters
  • And finally delete the unwanted data
  • All this was completed in one simple and quick end-to-end process using DobiMiner. Within a week, our customer was up and running on their new cluster and deprecating their old cluster securely.

    Migrating data in a complicated Centera environment was simple for our customer, saving them time, hassle, and money and guaranteeing a migration they can rely on.