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Galooli is a technology company that offers a comprehensive suite of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to help businesses manage and optimize their assets and operations. Their products and services are designed to help businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

Galooli offers a wide range of solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries and businesses. At DataGr8 we focus on Galooli Power.

  • Galooli Power - This solution is designed to help businesses manage their power consumption and reduce energy costs. It includes a range of products, such as smart meters, energy management software, and more.

Overall, Galooli's suite of solutions offers businesses a powerful set of tools to help them manage and optimize their assets and operations, ultimately leading to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved profitability.

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Why Does DataGr8 Choose Galooli?

  • Leading Innovator

    Galooli are proud to serve as the leading innovator in the field of sustainable, efficient, and cost-saving remote energy management.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Galooli specialize in providing highly targeted, actionable, analytics-centered insights into customers energy assets’ performance.

  • Agnostic

    Galooli empower customers conscientious energy use and efficient operations, through agnostic, real-time monitoring and remote-control capabilities.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a game-changer for Africa, allowing the continent to catch up with the rest of the world by embracing new technologies like AI, robotics, and IoT. By using open standards and modular IoT products like Galooli, DataGr8 is already making strides in the telecommunications and mining sectors.

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