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DataGr8 is a South African-based company that provides services to customers across Africa. At DataGr8, data is in our name. We started with Email and File Data Archiving in 2009, then moved into unstructured and SAP migration. We have taken our focus on data and looked at the future of data and transformed DataGr8 into a company that provides technology and services, looking at the future but not forgetting that traditional data is still around. We believe that the future is Cloud and 4IR. Today DataGr8 offers services to store, backup, secure, migrate and orchestrate data, whether it comes from IT or IoT.

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The DataGr8 dragon is a wise and powerful protector of the kingdom's digital assets. With the implementation tools such as AvePoint Cloud Backup, and Microsoft Defender for Office 365, the DataGr8 dragon has proven to be an intelligent and effective defender against cyber threats. His sharp instincts and quick thinking allow him to detect fraudulent and cunning characters and expose their evil plans. The DataGr8 dragon is a true hero, always ready to defend the kingdom against any cyber-attacks that may come its way. He is respected and admired by all who know him, and his dedication to the safety, security, and education of the kingdom's digital realm and people is unparalleled. If you want to learn more about how the DataGr8 Dragon can assist you, look out for more videos on our website and follow DataGr8 on Linkedin.

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