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Calix is a provider of cloud and software platforms, systems, and services for telecommunications companies, cable operators, and other service providers. The company offers a range of products designed to enable service providers to deliver high-speed broadband and other advanced services to their customers.

Some key products offered by Calix include:

  • Calix Cloud: A cloud-based platform that enables service providers to manage their network and subscriber services from a central location. The platform includes tools for network analytics, customer experience management, and service activation.
  • AXOS: A software-defined access platform that enables service providers to deliver high-speed broadband services over a variety of access technologies, including fiber, copper, and wireless. AXOS is designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing service providers to easily add new services and capabilities as needed.
  • GigaSpire BLAST: A home networking gateway that provides advanced Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as support for smart home devices and services. The GigaSpire BLAST is designed to improve the customer experience by providing fast and reliable connectivity throughout the home.
  • Calix Support Cloud: A cloud-based platform that enables service providers to provide self-service support to their customers. The platform includes tools for troubleshooting common issues, as well as a knowledge base and community forums.
  • DataGr8 System Integration Services: A range of consulting and implementation services designed to help service providers design, deploy, and optimize their networks and services. These services include network design and planning, system integration, and training and education.

Customer Success:

Follow this link to read more about our customer AfriFiber using Calix to provide FTTH and FTTB data services in Djibouti. Also, contact us to learn how DataGr8, the Systems integrator for this project, used Radius as an integration point between Calix and GLDS.

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Why Does DataGr8 Choose Calix?

  • Powerful

    Calix uses powerful software-enabled end-to-end platforms, cloud offerings, and partnerships to function like the best and biggest broadband providers.

  • Simple

    Calix makes it simple and seamless for even the smallest broadband service provider to compete against the trillion-dollar consumer giants and win.

  • Value

    By using Calix, service providers increase subscriber acquisition, loyalty, and revenue—helping them grow value for their businesses and communities.


Bridge the digital divide and unlock the benefits of internet connectivity in Africa. Enhance education, boost economic growth, promote personal relationships, and improve governance and democracy with online access to resources, e-commerce, remote work, and citizen participation. DataGr8 partners with Calix as a provider of cloud and software platforms, systems, and software for unified access networks and smart premises systems.

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