We provide On-Premise Storage and Backup Solutions and Cloud Backup Solutions

Data Storage & Cloud Backup

Datagr8 proudly presents its top-tier Data Storage & Cloud Backup Software collection, featuring renowned solutions from AvePoint and Dell, tailored to elevate your data management and security to new heights. With AvePoint’s innovative approach to cloud backup, users can enjoy streamlined data protection, easy recovery options, and enhanced collaboration tools, ensuring that your critical information is safe and accessible. On the other hand, Dell’s robust data storage solutions in our collection provide unparalleled reliability and performance, making Datagr8 the go-to provider for comprehensive and secure data management needs.

Advantages Of Cloud Storage & Backup

  • Comprehensive

    Platform Protection • Unlimited backup of content in Microsoft 365 including Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, OneDrive for Business, Groups, Teams and Planner.

    Automatic Backup • Your environment is protected from the moment you activate the product.

    Backup Overview • View details of the four most recent backups via an easy-to-read dashboard.

  • Power Data Recovery Backup

    End User Restore • AVA, AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant, is a chatbot that was designed to automatically responds to end users’ chat requests to recover and restore lost content.

    Granular & Full-Fidelity Restore • On-demand, granular recovery of Microsoft 365 content. Including mailboxes, conversations, recordings, private channels, projects, tasks, calendars, sites, libraries, files, Groups, Teams, and Planner to the online or offline storage location of your choice while maintaining all metadata and permissions.

    Restoration Overview • Review restoration details during a specific period via an intuitive.

  • Central Management

    Job Monitoring • Track, manage, and report on all backup and restore processes through a centralized management console.

    User Activity Auditing • Gain full visibility of how your backup and restore service is being used by auditing user actions, such as changing backup scope, altering system settings, or downloading a report.

    Data Encryption • Further safeguard your data from cyberattacks or leakage by bringing your own Microsoft Azure Key Vault Encryption Key to meet compliance regulations around sensitive data.

Navigating Cloud Security

Safeguarding Your Data

This DataGr8 video explores the challenges and solutions associated with cloud security. It outlines potential risks, such as data breaches and loss, and provides practical strategies for protecting cloud-stored information. The video emphasizes the importance of robust security measures, including encryption, regular security audits, and employee training. Viewers gain valuable insights into maintaining data integrity and privacy in the cloud environment.

Our Partner

AvePoint Cloud Protection

At DataGr8, we know accidents happen - and they can happen to anyone. Even a small mistake can have a huge impact on your business, from lost productivity to costly downtime.

Our backup service protects you against unforeseen circumstances, including unintentional data loss caused by users or admins, malicious insiders, or hackers using ransomware attacks. With our cloud-based backup, you can recover quickly and efficiently, whether you need to restore data for business continuity or compliance reasons.