Vulnerability Management Software

Vulnerability management is a pivotal element in any data-driven strategy, especially when the integrity and security of IT infrastructure and network components are at stake. At DataGr8, the belief is rooted in a risk-based approach towards vulnerability management. This method not only guarantees a maximized return on investment in security solutions but also efficiently manages the potential risks associated with cyber incidents.


Nucleus Security is an intelligence-driven, risk-based vulnerability management program that can help you identify and prioritize your vulnerabilities, so you can focus your resources on the ones that pose the greatest risk to your organization. With Nucleus Security, you can get a clear picture of your security posture, streamline your vulnerability management process, and make data-driven decisions to improve your overall security posture.


Individuals can benefit from having a human firewall to protect themselves from various online security threats. Nurturing one's cybersecurity posture through the implementation of security protocols, regular software updates, and password management practices is crucial in safeguarding one's online presence. Additionally, training and assessing one's workforce to identify and respond to potential cyber-attacks can help prevent security breaches. It is also important to have a basic understanding of cybersecurity and the common tactics used by cybercriminals to stay vigilant against potential threats.

Microsoft Defender For IoT

Microsoft Defender for IoT is a powerful solution designed to help organizations identify and protect assets, vulnerabilities, and threats in their OT and IoT environments. With its advanced threat detection capabilities, it can quickly detect and respond to potential attacks, helping to prevent costly downtime and data breaches.

Among its many features, Microsoft Defender for IoT can monitor network traffic, identify anomalous behaviour, and provide real-time alerts when potential threats are detected. It can also integrate with existing security solutions to provide a comprehensive security posture for your OT and IoT environments. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage and monitor your security posture in real-time.

Overall, Microsoft Defender for IoT is an excellent tool for organizations struggling to identify and protect their assets, vulnerabilities, and threats in their OT and IoT environments. It provides a robust security solution that can help prevent costly data breaches and minimize downtime.

ProofPoint For Office

ProofPoint can help identify and block spoofed emails that appear to come from your personal email domain but are actually sent by someone else. Spoofing is a technique used by attackers to forge the sender's email address in order to trick the recipient into opening the email and potentially disclosing sensitive information.  

If people are receiving emails from your personal email domain without you having sent them, it is possible that your email domain has been spoofed. You can use ProofPoint to check for any suspicious email activity and configure your email settings to prevent spoofing by using technologies like DKIM, SPF, and DMARC. It is also recommended to constantly change your email password to prevent unauthorized access to your account.