Data Storage & Backup

We provide On-Premise Storage and Backup Solutions and Cloud Backup Solutions


At DataGr8, we know accidents happen - and they can happen to anyone. Even a small mistake can have a huge impact on your business, from lost productivity to costly downtime.

Our backup service protects you against unforeseen circumstances, including unintentional data loss caused by users or admins, malicious insiders, or hackers using ransomware attacks. With our cloud-based backup, you can recover quickly and efficiently, whether you need to restore data for business continuity or compliance reasons.

Dell Technology

Traditional infrastructure like Dell continues to be important and relevant for several reasons.

Firstly, data privacy concerns have been increasing, and many organizations are reluctant to store sensitive information on public cloud platforms. In such cases, a dedicated on-premises infrastructure deployment can help organizations maintain complete control over their data, ensuring better privacy and security.

Cloud migration can be expensive, and traditional infrastructure solutions can offer a more cost effective alternative, especially for organizations with large amounts of legacy data, applications that are difficult to migrate to the cloud, or organizations that require powerful computing resources that have specialized hardware needs.  These use cases may not be able to find adequate, cost-effective options in the cloud.