Data Management, Orchestration & Migration

Seamlessly navigate your digital transformation journey with Datagr8

Datagr8 is at the forefront of technological innovation, offering exceptional solutions in Data Management, Orchestration, and Migration, with standout products like Affectli and Datadobi in our impressive portfolio. Affectli excels in providing an integrated platform that streamlines data management and enhances business processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every operation. Datadobi, on the other hand, offers unparalleled capabilities in data migration and orchestration, making complex data transfers seamless and secure, and solidifying Datagr8’s reputation as a trusted provider of comprehensive data solutions.


Customers looking to orchestrate all their existing IT systems and data will best benefit from a comprehensive Affectli deployment. Affectli is a trusted Business Operating System that orchestrates disparate systems & data seamlessly into a single real time overview of the organization.  Affectli is not a rip & replace solution.


StorageMAP is a cloud-neutral data management platform that helps companies achieve their priorities by assessing, classifying, and taking action on their data from a single interface and across their entire unstructured data set, both on premises and in the cloud.