Making Your Data Great

Cyber Security Software & Services 

Empower your business with DataGr8's advanced Cyber Security Software, designed to protect against evolving cyber threats. Ensure the safety of your sensitive data and maintain uninterrupted operations with our comprehensive security solutions.

Cyber Security 101 Questionnaire

Explore the Digital Battleground with questions for Comprehensive Cyber Security Evaluation

Transforming Data into Possibilities

Software & Data Solutions

DataGr8, a renowned South African company, excels in delivering comprehensive Software Solutions, adeptly managing a spectrum of data services including storage, backup, security, migration, and orchestration for diverse IT and IoT applications. Catering to a wide range of industries across Africa, our innovative approaches and local expertise ensure that every data challenge is met with precision, reliability, and the utmost security, positioning DataGr8 as a leader in transformative data management solutions.

  • Data Storage & Backup

    Secure your digital legacy with our advanced Data Storage & Backup software, ensuring rapid recovery and ironclad protection of your vital data.

  • Vulnerability Management & Security

    Fortify your digital defenses with our cutting-edge Vulnerability Management & Security Software.

  • Data Orchestration Management

    Streamline and synchronize your data workflows with our Data Orchestration Management software, optimizing efficiency and seamless data integration across platforms.

  • Data Network Infrastructure

    Accelerate your digital transformation with our robust Data Network Infrastructure solutions, ensuring unparalleled connectivity, speed, and reliability for your enterprise’s evolving needs.